Saturday, March 22, 2008

Robertson Deserved Better

"Kelvinator" should have cracked the Boomers squad

THIS week Australia coach Brian Goorjian announced a 33-member men's basketball squad from which 12 will ultimately be selected to contend for a medal at the Beijing Olympics.

To my surprise, despite the hefty number of invitations sent, you will not see Kelvin Robertson's name on the guest list.

I am still scratching my head.

After all, we know that Kelvin has shown that he is one of the better Australian point guards in the league, particularly over the past two seasons. There is no doubt that the competition to actually gain a spot amongst the final 12 is fierce in his position.

You have veteran names like CJ Bruton and Darnell Mee, and the youngster being touted as future point guard for the Boomers, Pat Mills, to contend with.

It would be hard to argue that Kelvin has reached the same level as these guys, especially when you are talking about international competitions. However, when you look at the other point guards asked to the first camp, Kelvin's exclusion is a mystery.

Specifically, Adam Gibson of the Brisbane Bullets, Nathan Crosswell from the Melbourne Tigers, and Aaron Bruce, who is currently playing college in the US, are all guys I feel Robertson would be able to match strength for strength.

Gibson and Crosswell have been given their ticket because they have been solid contributors for good teams over the past few seasons.

So has Kelvin.

Meanwhile Bruce has fallen out of favour with his college team and has seen his playing time drop week after week and he still gets a nod.

Maybe this snub will end up being a good thing for the Crocodiles and will motivate Kelvin for the next NBL season. If he can put together a few more solid seasons, it would be tough to deny him at least a shot at a green and gold jersey in years to come.

IT is always hard to open your season on the road and I think the Cowboys can vouch for that after their opener against a tough Gold Coast Titans team last week.

Not only were they on the road, but they had to contend with a community celebrating the christening of a brand spanking new venue. Talk about the odds being stacked against you.

Well, this week the Cowboys will get that little boost that comes from playing their own home opener. Players always want to impress the home fans and this is their first opportunity in 2008 to do so.

From a fan's perspective, you always come ready for that first clash. There is an air of excitement and anticipation about whether this season could be `the season'. If you add the emotion of both players and fans together, you usually have the makings for a first-up win at home.

As a fan, here's hoping my philosophy is on the money tonight.
See you out at Dairy Farmers, North Queensland!

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Anonymous said...

dam what a crap day in the ncaa for the aussie,smu and vandy both goin down,and ur boys to jr:(

djrod said...

kelvinator is way better than gibson, bruce and mee!!!

John Rillie said...


You ar so right. Disappointing play for the Aussies. Lets get on the Baynes bandwagon, although Cougars and Zags do not see eye to eye.

John Rillie said...

DJ Rod:

Kelvin should have got an invite at the least.

DJ Rod said...

if he played for sydney he would have been there!

Kelthoctor said...

It'd be tough to take Kelvinator (even though his name is the same as mine in SMS Predictive Text) ahead of those DJ mentioned.

Gibson, Bruce have the youth and Mee has the experience.

Tragardh was also hard done by.