Thursday, March 13, 2008

All NBL Teams Named

Ebi was as unanimous as Manu going left!

The All NBL teams have been released and although I agree for the most part I will talk about a few selections I have a problem with.

The first team consists of Ebe Eri, Chris Anstey, Mark Worthington, Shawn Redhage and Kirk Penney. There is no doubting the season these guys had individually, they deserve to be mentioned with the best.

Take a look at the second team that is made up of CJ Bruton, Corey Williams, James Harvey, Adam Ballinger and Nathan Jawai and I feel that is a better balanced team.

If you were to have these two teams play against each other, Worthington is going to be the best option for the point guard spot for the first team. We all heard what he had to say on Fox Sports about his PG skills.

So, this is where my argument comes in. When making up a team in the NBL and most teams worldwide, you always make sure you are strong at the point guard position. Well, the best team you are putting forward from the NBL is lacking at the PG position.

Meanwhile, you have two of the best the league has to offer on the second team. That might be the most entertaining thing about this game. Bruton and Williams arguing over who brings the ball up.

As for the third team, I would argue Darnell Hinson's inclusion. Sure he got off to a flier at the start of the season, but he and his team slowed quickly.

Who would have I included? I'm trying to think how I voted on this. Yes, team captain's get to vote. I believe I had thirteen of the fifteen same names and I couldn't vote for Williams.

Other names I had included were Alex Loughton and maybe Larry Abney. I did not include Julius Hodge. He had game, just not enough played for me.

Like anything, you can find things you do not like about it. I just feel when you are selecting a team, you need someone to steer the ship and the 1st team is a little rudderless.

In news around the NBL, the Kings live to fight another day. Joey Wright has been "kicked in the groin." Ouch. Julius Hodge has been lighting up the D-League. Jason Crowe wants to rejoin his family. And some words of advice from Al Westover.

Boxscore from Game 4

A new beer commerical, just getting you ready for Friday afternoon.

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