Thursday, March 6, 2008

Goorjian Named COY

Sydney Kings coach Brian Goorjian was named the NBL's coach of the year. I think this award out of all of the season's awards was the easiest decision for the voters to get right.

Finishing the regular season 27-3 was quite an accomplishment, no matter what your roster looked like. I think Goorjian has done one of his best motivating jobs of all time.

Looking from the outside in on the whole Kings situation this year, Goorj would have painted a picture of being underdogs, which he is still doing right now, and using the front office troubles to gel the team even closer together.

It is hard to believe that this is Goorj's first COY as a King. Already guiding them to a threepeat (2003,2004,2005), you would have thought he would have claimed one somewhere. I for one (not the lone ranger here) didn't see this type of year happening for the Kings. Sure, I will always have a Goorjian coached team around the mark, but 27-3, Brian would not have dreamt this when sipping a coffee at Cogee.

So that is why my hat comes off to Goorj this year. He has performed a masterstroke by getting the best out of his team and he has found a way to keep his players minds on the job, while having to deal with the internal troubles.

In other news, Scott Fisher is going home. Boti gives his point of view about Hammer on the Gold Coast. Melbourne coach Al Westover is ligther in the pocket after his birds escape. Former Kings owner Mike Wrublewski (pronounced "rubber jetski") says he might dip back into his pockets, but only if Goorj stays.

Last but not least, could we see a Tigers fan take the same course of action if their team is not travelling too well. My tip, Glen Saville with the shoulder charge!


Anonymous said...

Well deserved to Goorijan - Reported in the West Australian newspaper this morning that Wildcats are chasing Goorijan to replace Fisher.

Should be taken with more than a grain of salt though as the West Australian is known to be a pretty ordinary newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Had that been Gilchrist at the crease, one of your team mates may have certainly poked out his eye.

djrod said...

Goorjian to the Dragons - already sewn up

Anonymous said...

DJ - stick to spinning the turn table than spinnig gossip