Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Boomers Squad Announced

Will insurance problems keep Neilsen out of the Olympics?

Today the Boomers squad was named from which the Beijing Olympic team will be picked from. The squad consists of 33 names with players from overseas (NBA, NCAA, Europe) and the NBL making up the list.

Now I'm never going to begrudge a player from trying to make a national team (hell if my name was on the list, I'm there), but do we really need a squad of 33 people for a final twelve.

I say no and especially right now with our sport hurting financially. I can only imagine what it would cost to fly, house and feed these guys during a camp.

If I'm Brian Goorjian (coach of the national team) I already have 8 or 9 guys that are locks for the team, so we don't really need twenty guys to decide 3 or 4 remaining spots.

I feel the final team needs to spend as much time together playing against other national teams, so we can develop a team style and chemistry well and truly before we get to the Games. Australia needs to play as many games as possible just because we do not get the yearly international competition like the European teams.

It will be an interesting build up (a home series against the powerhouse IRANIAN national team) until the final team is selected and I wish all the players the best, because the Olympics is a great and unique experience.

My guys that are locks for the team: CJ Bruton, Pat Mills, Brad Newley, Jason Smith, Sam MacKinnon, Glen Saville, Matt Neilsen, Andrew Bogut, David Andersen, Chris Anstey

Guys going to camp and playing for pride: Adam Gibson, Nathan Crosswell, Russell Hinder, Peter Crawford, Ian Crosswhite, Aron Baynes, Aaron Bruce, Wade Helliwell, Jacob Holmes, Matthew Knight, Damien Ryan, Luke Schenscher, Andrew Ogilvy

These picks are made on the basis of no injury clouds and a little insight into how Goorjian thinks.

In other news, everyone (free agents) is waiting to move. CJ still hoping to be a Bullet. Goorj excited about Anstey. Mills will be important. Penney back on the Badgers.

Today in USA college basketball the other tournament started. The NIT got under way, so you can check out all the boxscores here.

Tomorrow will see Australian Alec Maric in action for Nebraska.

Rick Pitino is on crack. Go Zags!

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