Sunday, March 9, 2008

Great Time To Be In The 'Ville

It doesn't seem to matter what day of the week you pick up a paper right now, NBL teams are featured for the wrong reasons.

I feel rather lucky right now that my team, the Townsville Crocs, are rather secure in all the areas that some teams are lacking in right now. Financially we are going well, as far as I know, and we have a coach in place. So what does a guy do on a tropical Sunday?

He heads to the Strand and enjoys being part of history for this wonderful area of the world. Today the One Community Relay took place from Thuringowa to Townsville.

The idea of the relay is to unite the two communities together as we prepare to become one community when we go to the polling booth next weekend.

Much the same way the Olympic torch takes a journey around the world, the "Message Stick" made its way through the streets of Thuringowa to Townsville. The Stick was carried by community personalities, politicians or whoever wanted to walk the 300m to the next handover spot.

I felt it was actually a great idea as we have seen how the Olympic torch can unite people together. Remember back to 2000 when Sydney hosted the Games, hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets to get a glimpse. Over time, this may have the same effect for the people of Townsville.

It was fantastic to receive the baton from radio personality Steve Price and the Croc, walk my 300m with my children enjoying the occasion with me, then handing it over to Mr NRL and Cowboys captain Jonathon Thurston who finally handed over to the two mayors (Tony Mooney, Les Tyrell) who finished the Relay.

Beautiful one day, perfect the next is pretty close to life right now for me. I just have to find some more functions to weasel my way into this week to fill my diary.

In news around the NBL, the Tigers go 2-1 up over the Sydney Kings. I'm loving Sean Lampley's swagger. Eddy, not Cortez, Groves says the Bullets are not for sale. It will be interesting to see where this goes! Goorj says Draper is ready for the NBA and he collects 6th man award. Joey Wright is livid about a pay cut. NBL players tearing up the NZNBL.

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