Monday, March 31, 2008

Final Four Is Set


North Carolina's coach Roy Williams will coach against the team that started his coaching legacy, Kansas. Williams coached in Lawrence, KS from 1988 to 2003 before he moved to UNC to win the championship in 2005.

On the other hand, Kansas coach Bill Self will have breathed a sigh of relief when Davidson's last second shot missed today. Self has finally made it to the Final Four. The people of Kansas now believe he is a coach that can bring success (championships) to Lawrence.

Now what to expect when the ball is thrown in the air? Carolina will want to play fast. This is how they have played all season so nothing will change here. Point guard Ty Lawson will steer this V8 while Tyler Hansbrough will anchor himself in the paint and be relentless one more time.

To make this game favourable for the Tar Heels, Wayne Ellington needs to hit from down town. Ellington is Carolina's best threat from deep, so they need him to find his range early. Usually a team that can get three contributors in big games like this, win.

Meanwhile, Kansas will be looking for many contributors to help ease the load. They have one of the deepest team in America which has got them this far. The only trouble with this method is, who will step up when needed.
Brandon Rush needs to be the man for KU, but sometimes he is happy to float through a game. This guy has the potential to dominate a game in so many ways (scoring, rebounding, defense), the question is, does a Carolina team get his juices flowing!

I believe the Tar Heels win this game. Hansbrough loves the big occasion and he will get enough help from his teammates.

Another pair of #1 seeds (UCLA and Memphis) that have made it through to the Final Four. Memphsis has been great all year, but this may be their best challenge all year.
The back court for the Tigers may be the best in the nation, but they are certainly going to be tested by the Bruins relentless defense.
Freshman sensation Derrick Rose maybe playing his last game in a Tigers uniform, but if his form from last weekend can continue, Memphis will find themselves playing for a national championship come Monday night.
His back court mate Chris Douglas-Roberts has been solid his whole college career so this stage will not scare him.
The Tigers will be really looking for centre Joey Dorsey to be huge for them. His match up against Kevin Love will be crucial if the Tigers are to succeed. Dorsey loves it physical so this will help in his low post match up with Love, who maybe the hottest playing in college not named Curry (Stephen of Davidson).
Darrin Collison the point guard for UCLA needs to control the tempo for the Bruins. Both the Bruins and Tigers like the tempo fast, but the Bruins can play at multiple speeds so this should help them trouble the Tigers.
Along with Collison, Russell Westbrook needs to be solid so he and Collison can match Rose and Douglas-Roberts. Westbrook is a potential NBA 1st rounder so he needs to show it against the Tigers back court who have NBA written all over them.
With many guys in this game potentially suiting up for their team for the last time, I look for Kevin Love and the Bruins to extent that thought for one more game.
Articles of interest for the Final Four.
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NBL News
The Bullets players are starting to look at other avenues. Seems as though there is no "White Knight" in sight. Mika Vukona and the Breakers are no longer a team. The 100 plus gamer for the Breakers is looking to move on. The South Dragons are holding a press conference tomorrow. I wonder what it will be about? The worst keept secret in basketball! Jason Smith to remain a King?
Freshman Player of the Year - Mike Beasley


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John, the folks over on the Gonzaga message board need your input on where Zag fans should be looking for the great australian players to recruit for '09 and beyond. Can you come over and either give us your thoughts, or box our ears, as you prefer?

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I can assure you the Zags are looking for the next great Aussie. The secret is out and many schools are over here recruiting their hearts out.

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