Monday, March 3, 2008

Fantasy League and Bulldogs Basketball

It's getting to that time of year again, footy season. The Townsville Bulletin has introduced its own fantasy league. As I'm an avid footy fan I have set up my own mini-league and you are all invited to take me on.

The process is quite simple so it should not stop anyone from entering. If you would like to take on JR'S Real Deals, sign up then join the Puntas group. The password to gain all access is puntas.

There are plenty of prizes to be won, so get to it!

Now to some basketball. Yesterday in college basketball, #25 St Mary's Gaels travelled to Spokane, Wa to take on #24 Gonzaga Bulldogs. boxscore

Why this games holds some importance is Gonzaga is where I attended along with fellow NBLers Paul Rogers, Axel Dench and Bakari "Don't Call Me Jimmy" Hendrix. I have a soft spot for them. While the Gaels have three Aussies on their current roster, Pat Mills, Carlin Hughes and Lucas Walker.

Gonzaga won the game and more than likely the WCC Championship (each team has one game left). It is no surprise the Zags won as their home court record is more imposing than the Sydney Kings.

Although the Gaels lost, I'm sure their Coach Randy Bennett would have been happy to see Mills get back on track. Mills has slowed over the last four games, but had a breakout second half in this game. Mills finished with 20 but had 18 in the second half.

In the handful of games that I have seen the Gaels play, Mills is the quarterback of the team, but more than anything they need his scoring. When he is kept quiet, the Gaels struggle to find someone who can step up and fill the gap consistently from the perimeter.

When these two schools play against each other it is more than just a game. St Mary's is trying to become as consistent as the Zags in reaching the NCAA tourney.

Both schools should make the NCAA tourney this year, but if all goes to plan in the WCC Conference Tourney, they should meet in the championship game. This will be huge as the winner will probably get a higher seed come NCAA tourney time.

College basketball is really getting to the exciting time of the year. From my experience playing in it, there is not too many things that compare to it.

There will be many Aussies that will get to experience post season play in the NCAA college system this year. Good luck boys and enjoy the ride (and free stuff). There are not too many better things you will achieve in your basketballing careers.


Anonymous said...

Surely this is worthy of an article on your blog spot.

Anthony Stewart v Canberra on weekend

12/17 field, 5/15 from 3pt range, 6 steals, 4 turnovers and 6 fouls in 44 minutes!!

those numbers send a chill down my spine.....

John Rillie said...

The only thing chilling about Anthony Stewart was his record with the Crocs. 0-4.

Hobart is a great spot for him. A long way away from the majority of our population.