Friday, January 29, 2010

Watch Out Dickie V

Sorry I have been a little slack on the blog the last few days but I make a quick trip to the USA to attend the funeral of my college coach Dan Fitzgerald. What a great service and the speakers were fantastic to boot. It was great to see a number of former teammates and catch up and relive the "good ole times".

Since arriving over here I have been asked to do the colour commentating for the Gonzaga Bulldogs vs Santa Clara Broncos tonight.

I will have my head buried in stats and trivia for the next few hours so I can sound somewhat educated on air.

I will get back to you after I have enlightened the American audience with some Aussie slang in commentary. Is it possible to have subtitles on radio?

I cannot wait for this experience but its time for me to find out what Matt Bouldin and Bol Kong get up to at shoot round.


Mary Taylor said...

Hey John! Listening to you right now on the radio in Spokane, broadcasting from Santa Clara. Great to have had you back in Spokane and great to hear you talking some Zag talk on the radio!

Get us a couple of wins in the San Francisco Bay area, will you?

ZagNative in Spokane on

Mary Taylor said...

Hey, John! It was fun having you in the hood stateside! Listened to your pregame show with HuddyBuddy on KGA 1510 in Spokane, and also post-game, but I had to listen to my fave Steven Bardo on ESPN 2 for the show! (Usually listen to HuddyBuddy and Richard Fox for game coverage, except when Bardo is on.)

Anyway, I hope you had a good visit. Thanks for showing up for Fitz' memorial. Along with Fitz, you're part of a really proud Zag tradition!. Love you, bald thing!

DJ Rod said...

So did u shave your head for the return to Spokane?