Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blaze Fan Ejected From Crocs Game

It seems in the recent Townsville Crocodiles and Gold Coast Blaze game, all the action was not reserved for the court.

You have to wait till the last segment of this news piece to see what actions led to a Blaze fan being ejected from the "Swamp" in Townsville.

I will make comment on the "other "matter in the near future.


LachieGaff said...

surely the "other matter" was more worthy of the title of your blog.

gocrocs said...

The guy was a douche bag from the moment he sat down.

He abused members of the green machine next to him, the croc, other patrons walking past, security guards and oficials.

Even one of the Blaze players came over to him to ask him to settle down!

I love it when opposition fans visit the swamp and sit near my seats, we usually have some freindly banter and i've even bought some beers for Woll, Cairns and Adel fans - but this guy was an idiot!

JAOnFire said...


ben.arndt said...

Are you still upset by successful people ClintDong? How sad.