Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chosen 1 Staying On The West Coast

It seems to me that many teams involved at the second tier basketball level in this country are trying to step up their games and the Kalamunda Eastern Suns in Western Australia may just be leading the way.

Tomorrow, they will be holding a press conference at 11am (Sandgroper time) at the Ray Owen Sports Centre.

The club is holding the media event to announce "a major partnership with an internationally recognized sporting company" and the announcement of an import.

I'm all for a team trying to create hype around what they have going on but I think Ryan Rogers (basketball operations manager for the Suns) has taken the hyping a little too far. (I hope he proves me wrong.)

At the press conference the import they will be releasing to the world will be known as the "Chosen 1".

Some of the phrases that are floating around describing this guy is, "hated by many, loved by few, feared by most and respected by all".

As I dig further into my research "Chosen 1" is being promoted as the "#1 point guard on the West Coast not in the NBA".

I'm guessing that comment was referring to the west coast of America. I'll go out on a limb and say if this player is the best guard in that geographical area not in the NBA, he would not be flying into Perth to continue his pro basketball career.

I will be following the WA State closely this season just to see if the "Chosen 1" is even the best PG on the west coast of Australia.

As I'm on the other side of the country, I will cyber side all afternoon just to hear from out west to see if the press conference matched the hype.

Good luck to the Suns for taking a leap of faith as I'm hoping this is a sign of the times and basketball is starting to head in an upward direction.

Maybe I can get a one on one interview with "Chosen 1" to ask some questions?


mookie said...

Good on 'em. This reminds me somewhat of the hype some of the NBA D-League teams put up; in particular the Utah Flash with their owner who hyped a Bryon Russell v MJ matchup at half-time of a Flash game.

It'd be good to see some of the NBL teams who are yet to pick up their game in the marketing department to take an example from these guys.

Keep the marketing machine rolling.

Christopher said...

I'm over in Perth and you made me curious. Found the following link if you're interested.

gocrocs said...

Brunner can play! JR put me onto a pretty good doco on the troublesome years at Fresno including Abney and Brunner. look it up - it's in 6 parts or something but worthwhile!

John Rillie said...

I have ran with the episodes on here before.