Saturday, January 9, 2010

NBL Dunk of the Year?

If you missed Fox Sports coverage of the Wollongong Hawks and New Zealand Breakers NBL game on Wednesday night, you missed a candidate for Dunk of the Year.

But thanks to Sydney photographer Catherine Cranston, Tom Abercrombie's alley-oop dunk has been captured on film (or pixels).

To give a quick recap, Abercrombie went back door and Hoovered (vacuumed) in a pass that looked like it would ricochet off the backboard and kick start a fast break for the Hawks. Abercrombie climbed the stairs and made the pass look like it was meant to be.
Not since James "the Alabama Slammer" Crawford have I witnessed an athlete in the NBL go and get it like that.

If you enjoyed these pictures, maybe you want to drop Catherine a line and see what else she has in her portfolio. (


mookie said...

Those are some ludicrous hops! The boy can get up.

Cat's pictures are always awesome too.

Blinq Photography said...

It's not even close to last years JR.

Check this bad boy dunk. PIctured named accordingly Lawless.