Sunday, January 31, 2010

Breakfast With Craig Ehlo

As my quick trip to the USA is nearing an end, the hits just keep on coming.

This morning I meander down to breakfast rather late, as I watched both NBL games via the "live" updates to the wee hours of this morning, only to have the pleasure to meet Craig Ehlo.

The first thing to spring to mind was the "shot" but I could not muster up the testosterone to ask him about one of the most recognisable plays in NBA history. (Think 1989 Playoffs, Bulls vs Cavs)

Instead as we began with some general chit chat, he mentioned how a New Zealand media outlet called him last Saturday to talk about Michael Jordan's game winning free throw line jumper.

Another discussion point (as we ate Vegemite toast) was Mark Price's coaching experience with the South Dragons. Ehlo was well aware that his former backcourt partner had a brief stint in the southern hemisphere.

Well, it time to head to shoot around as the Gonzaga Bulldogs prepare to battle the San Francisco Dons tonight.

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mookie said...

JR, whilst the trip was not for altogether happy reasons, it sounds like you've had an absolute ball over there and turned it into a full Zag memorial tour. Good stuff.

I hope you managed to disprove the myth that we throw shrimps on the barbie.