Thursday, January 21, 2010

High Stakes Basketball Has Arrived

Thanks to The Basketball Professor here is what is coming in the world of Aussie hoops in April.

I will blog about this at a later date, but this story has just broken today.


Dodge Taylor said...

Team's still available at this stage JR ... this has your name written all over it.

KeysyinChina said...

Will we see the JR 3pt killer comp being played at half time? Maybe a bit of half court winner takes all elimination? About time we moved these quality parts of the basketball game out of the training court and into prime time. Not.

Just when you thought basketball in Australia had hit rock bottom... So now we have to resort to cheap gimmicks. Embarrasing. Biggest load of crap ive ever seen in my life. Will prob work though. Sporting fans can be so fickle.

K47 said...

From what i've read so far, "KeysyinChina" sums up my thoughts well.

All the talk about improving the spectacle of the sport.. rubbish.

The on-court performance of the NBL is great, and good enough for all non-slamball, 7s Rugby, 20-20 Cricket loving "sport" fans.

What next?

25metre sprint? PGA 9-Hole Putt Putt Golf compelete with bonus point for blind folded shots.

If NBL players cant/dont play and th general FTA public have to watch ABA quality games all whilst its being hyped up as the next big thing it could do more harm than good.

Hopefully if the on court talent is good it might be a stepping stone for getting the NBL back into mainstream.