Monday, January 4, 2010

Vintage NBL

Nice flat top Scott Ninnis.

Yes John Gilchrist, that is your coach throwing it down. Scott Ninnis was a mosquito when he played. Coach Don Monson even drew up alley-oop plays for him, but he had to be running from the left side.

Dribbling was not his forte unless it was in his right hand, but Ninnis could sniff out a bucket in the open court.

Thanks to Newcastle's "Duggo", I while feature some of these old school posters from time to time. (Yes people, you can reminisce when the NBL had magazines with posters in them. Hopefully we can get back there soon.)

Here is some You Tube footage of some great plays during the 1989 NBL season. Look out for an athlete Calvin Bruton Sr, a mullet wearing Larry Sengstock, high fliers and some short shorts. (Beware, there is some choice language during the video.)

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