Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Web Addresses

Shaq has no official website, but Danny Ferry says its official, "Shaq's BIG!"

Well it's a bit of a slow day as far as action goes so I thought I would surf the net and dig up some players websites. I have no bias so players from all over the world can be found here. Enjoy! (please note, there are women's sites here too and let me know if there are others you wish to have added to the list.)

David Andersen Dusty Rychart Vince Carter Matt Harpring

Grant Hill AC Green Tracey McGrady Carlos Arroyo

Janeth Arcain Fabricio Oberto Magic Paula Goncalves

Jamaal Magloire Tariq Abdul-Wahad Boris Diaw

Linda Frohlich Adonal Foyle Joseph Blair Charlie Mandt

Arriel McDonald Kobe Bryant Dirk Nowitzki Tony Parker

Hedo Turkoglu Ricky Davis Chris Paul Steve Nash

LaMarcus Aldridge Carmelo Anthony Ron Artest Shane Battier

Raja Bell Kevin Garnett Chris Bosh Bruce Bowen

Tyson Chandler Jose Calderon Luol Deng Dan Dickau

Jordan Farmar TJ Ford Manu Ginobili Ben Gordon

Rip Hamilton Dwight Howard Josh Howard Allen Iverson

LeBron James Antawn Jamison Andrei Kirilenko Mark Madsen

Mike Miller Lamar Odom Emeka Okafor Paul Pierce

Tayshaun Prince Vladimir Radmanovic JJ Redick Jason Richardson

Brandon Roy Jerry Stackhouse Amare Stoudemire

Dwayne Wade Antoine Walker Yao Ming Lauren Jackson

NBL News:

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NZ Breakers sign development players.

What is Jawai up to in the States?

NZNBL news.

Razorbacks new CEO.

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Anonymous said...

good to see some token female web sites in there JR.

djrod said...

How about Chris Webber, Jalen Rose and the rest of the Fab5??

DJ Leon Smith said...

You got Kobe's website address wrong - after today's game he changed it to