Thursday, June 19, 2008

Late ABA Wrap and My All Time Versatile Team

Simon Dwight was more than just a shot blocker.

I took in my first ABA game last weekend when I saw the Mackay Meteors take on the Rockhampton Rockets. Although there was some good skills on display, there is a huge gap in the intensity between this level and the NBL.

Queensland: Gargamel (aka Cameron Tragardh) is talking up his return to Rocky.

Waratah: Will this become the league where BJ Carter fans can be found?

Big V: Simon Conn (37pts, 14rebs) reminded Brian Goorjian he would look good in a Dragons uniform.

Western Australia: For my WA readers I'm now up to date with my boxscores and my main man Michael Lay keeps racking up the stats.

South Australia: Pero Vasilijevic is back home.

SEABL: Spartans drop 64 on the Gunners. Maybe back to the QABL boys!

Back by popular demand I'm naming my All Time Versatile Team. After having a great response to last week's team I thought I would come up with a new team this week. My All Time Versatile Team. Only rule, they must have been a teammate of mine at some stage. Here we go:

PG: Darnell Mee - This guy flew under the radar in Canberra but once he joined the Adelaide 36ers he became one of the most sought after players in Australia.

Teams love him for his all round play and his defensive prowess. This guy just does what his team needs on the night. Whether it is locking up the opposition's best perimeter player or providing offense, Mee can do it all.

He doesn't mind a highlight either. Whether it is a weakside block or a dunk down the pipe, Mee gets his share of oohs and ahhs.

SG: Leroy Loggins - Leapin Leroy is one of the NBL's All Time greats and I was a teammate of his during my rookie year.

Leroy had it all. Post up, pull up J and he developed the three ball as his career progressed. Oh and don't forget this skinny kid from Baltimore shooting the defensive lanes and finishing it with the one hand jam.

The biggest impact Leroy had on me though was "hope". As a junior I was always told I was too skinny to make the team. Lucky for me Leroy was killing the NBL and he was my bulid.

While he lit up the NBL, I had to be content with dropping numbers in the Toowoomba club competition. I never gave up hope though as the skinny import for the Bullets showed that weight was not everything.

Thanks Leroy.

SF: Robert Rose - The current leader in the NBL for total triple doubles. The true definition of versatility.

The "Magician" just found a way to get the job done. Whether it was dropping a clutch three with the shot clock winding down or a defensive rebound to shore up the victory, he did whatever it took to win.

His sheer will to win saw his team win many games that they had no business winning.

Now coaching in the ABA in Queensland, he may just find a way to get his team to win. He always has before.

PF: Sam MacKinnon - Slammin Sam can probably lay claim to the title of the most versatile Australian born player ever. He is the current leader for triple doubles by an Aussie player.

MacKinnon can pull a defensive rebound then turn and lead the fast break, finishing it off with a dunk or a pass. He has the ability to play above the rim and make plays that not all players can.

Sure his perimeter game has been questioned but he now at least makes you think about closing him out at the three.

Some may say play Hack-a-Shaq with him but with Loggins and Rose on the team, MacKinnon would be the ideal inbounds man at the end of the game.

One of a few guys that can have an impact at both the offensive and defensive end of the game.

C: Simon Dwight - The Landlord can anchor any team I'm a part of. Sure he passed up the NBA but the man can block shots in his sleep.

Although we remember him for this defensive skill he also had a nice repoire at the offensive end. He could step out and knock down the three. Close him out and he could put it on the floor for a dribble and be at the rim.

He was a very underrated passer. He hooked me and Derek Rucker up on many occassions. He even helped us out on defensive every now and then.

I remember one game against the Kings at the Superdome. He had the Kings so scared to attack the basket, Frank Drmic dribbled right though the keyway,...out of bounds.

It is time to pay the rent, the Landlord rounds out my team.

I would be happy to stack this team up against any others people can put together. They just had to be teammates at one time.

Side note: Three of my five guys were teammates at the Canberra Cannons (Dwight, Rose, Mee) in 1996. What were Canberra thinking by letting them go?

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