Friday, June 27, 2008

Jawai Goes #41 To The Toronto Raptors...Soon

Jawai will be taking his thunder to Canada.

Today is all about Nathan Jawai. The first indigenous player from Australia to be drafted into the NBA.

Quite an achievement for a young man from Bamaga who has only been playing the game for a handful of years.

Jawai was selected by the Indiana Pacers but will be traded to the Toronto Raptors along with Jermaine O'Neal on July 9th. Rules and regulations are why this deal will happen in a little over a week.

I believe this is a good thing for Nate and his NBA aspirations. The Raptors were one of the few teams that took time out to scout Nate during the NBL season. Also he had multiple workouts for the club right before the draft.

Taking an educated guess here, but the Raptors would have asked the Pacers to select Jawai on their behalf. Although there are no guarantees by being a second round pick, the Raptors may be so impressed already that they will have cut a deal with the big Aussie.

With the way this scenario has played out, I'm guessing the Raptors may want Jawai to stay in Canada and join their roster for the upcoming season.

Good luck to Nate. I hope he makes the roster on Opening Night.

Below you will find all articles related to Nate and his draft day success.

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Jawai Clip

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