Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Europe Update and Other News

Newley is ready to wear the green and gold but he has a Game 5 decider first.

While the oncourt action has been quiet here in Australia there have been a few Aussies still in action in Europe.

Firstly, David Andersen and his CSKA Moscow team have won its sixth straight Russian championship. CSKA swept Khimky 3-0.

These where the best two teams during the season by a long shot, but Andersen's team demonstrated throughout the series why they are the best team in Europe. Khimky only dropped two games during the regular season but could not come close to taking a game off CSKA.

With all the playing completed for Andersen now his focus will turn to the Boomers and his free agent status.

Andersen can sign for any team in Europe or my opt for an NBA experience. He will be able to make more money in Europe but he may be thinking it is time to give the NBA a crack.

Although he will not get Andrew Bogut money ($80 million) he will get a nice little pay rise that would have him comfortably in the top ten sports money earners from Australia.

I only hope for the best for this guy as he took the punt to go to Europe when he was a youngster (19) and has made the most of it.

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Now to Brad Newley. He is playing in a fifth game decider today (Wednesday) for third spot.

You may ask why for third? In Greece the third placed team gets promoted to Euroleague which brings great exposure to the club. Think about being promoted in Premier League soccer in England. That's what it means to a club.

As for Newley's play, he has been on fire. Game 4 Newley played a major role in getting his Panionios team to a decider.

His 24pts, 5rebs and 4ass should get Boomers coach Brian Goorjian excited. Being able to play an all round game against some of Europe's best teams has to be encouraging to Boomers fans as well.

Come the Olympics we will need to beat some of the strong Euro teams to advance to the medal round. By Newley having played in this type of environment he will be ready to perform on the Olympic stage and hopefully help lead the Aussies to the medal round.

After Newley completes Game 5 he is back on the plane Sunday to Oz as he is keen to don the green and gold against the Iran National Team.

With another big performance by Newley in game 5 this should see him secure a multi year deal in Europe. He has had a very solid year and will only get better from his first year experience.

I'm sorry to let 6er fans know it will be a long time before you see him in your colours.

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NBA News:
Chad Ford has dropped Nathan Jawai out of the first round for now. Don't be alarmed, he will have his individual workouts with teams now and his stock will be determined on his performances here.

Zo wants one more year if body allows it.

Bloggers have their say on the NBA Finals.

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For all things KOBE. The ultimate Kobe experience.

Kareem and his sky hook have a blog. It will be overrated like his play!

NBL News:
Kings paupers, who would have ever thought?

Harris happy to be back on the Apple Isle. The mind boggles when someone is happy to be back in Tassie in the middle of winter.

Phill Jones calls it a day for Tall Blacks. I cannot see the Kiwis qualifying for Beijing with everyone retiring.

Clint Reed re-signs with Pigs.

Boomers camp underway. Find out who is hot!


djrod said...

Kareem over-rated?


Big Call!

John Rillie said...

DJ Rod:

I was waiting to see if anyone would pick up on that. Good to see you are reading closely.

Kareem has a lot of other stars around him don't forget. Magic, Worthy, Scott, Cooper, Thompson, Nixon, Wilkes

DJ Rod said...

He was surrounded by stars and still scored more points than anyone else... EVER!

He was better than your man Gervin!