Monday, June 2, 2008

ABA Weekly Wrap

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It's that time of the week again where I post all the ABA boxscores for you to peruse. Enjoy!

Queensland: Cannot believe Cameron Tragardh had 6 assists on his way to fifty points. Cam, you may have had sixty had you not passed or fumbled six times.

Waratah: My Sydney sources are telling me the Comets are the "Real Deal" down there!

Big V: Former Tiger Luke McMillan still gets the job down. Has a lazy 27pts and 17rebs on the weekend.

Western Australia: Geraldton's Michael Lay has a triple double (17pts, 12rebs, 10ass) against Wanneroo. While Cockburn is still On Fire.

South Australia: Joel Goodenough did not live up to his name as his Southern Tigers got spanked by the Norwood Flames.

SEABL: Greg Vanderjagt is looking for a NBL contract and his play for the Southern Districts Spartans reflected this. Check out his stats!

Other News Around Here:
Boomers coach Brian Goorjian will have a sports psychologist on hand at camp for players that need help due to the events that have transpired over the past week.

Maybe he should call in Dog the Bounty Hunter as well.

Rice in Singapore. Who would have thought the Singapore Slingers could sign a guy of this calibre, but once again coach Gordie McLeod and Bob Turner have found a good one in Darius Rice.

I remember seeing this guy fill it up at the University of Miami and he has continued to do so in the D-League.

If he comes to this league with the right attitude I see him as a potential leading scorer in the league.

BA and NBL release statement regarding James Henderson and his involvement with Firepower.

Boomers will match up against the USA team before the Olympics. I just hope Iran and the Kiwis get them ready for Kobe and company.

Aleks Maric is in good shape to give the NBA a shake.

The Cairns Tiapans have made comment about their strength as a club in the NBL.

Q & A with Corey "Homicide" Williams.

"One day I would love to play for the Crocs. I have had the chance to train with and against John Rillie these past two seasons. The way he works hard at training and the extra work he puts in is something that I have tried to instill in my own game."

These are the words from budding basketballer Damon Heuir who is trying to get a place on the u/19 national team.

Thanks for the kind words Damon but there will be no relief for you on Wednesday night.

NBA News:
Top 10 Lakers/Celtics post season moments.

Paul Pierce gets it done against the Lakers.

Bill Simmons with another classic.

How did the "Big Dogs" look at the pre draft camp?

Sunday Conversation with Kobe Bryant


Anonymous said...

JR, can you give some love to womens basketball know they have and ABA league as well with some great players playing around the country. Stop being such a sexist pig and show some love to the women for a change. I know this may be hard for you to do as you have deep love for men of all shapes and sizes....

djrod said...

maybe if you read his blog more often...

ANYWAYS- I actually voted for the Lakers... even though I hate Kobe and want the C's to win... I just can't see it happening.


Anonymous said...

Rillie whoever gave it to you regarding the ABA Womens comp was not short, round and lacking skill. honest truth.

John Rillie said...


I dedicate what I can to women's basketball.

I cannot cover all topics as I figure I better keep working on my jumper, otherwise during the season you will be all over me saying I spend to much time blogging.

Maybe you can start a blog dedicated to women's hoops.

Deep love for men of all shapes and sizes is a little of the mark!

John Rillie said...

DJ Rod:

I know you have seen that I have spent some time on the women. Thanks for that.

Just have to use my search engine and you can find all the women's stuff I have had on here.

Anonymous said...

Dog the Bounty Hunter comment is one of your best. Love it.