Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Nathan Jawai is about to find out what continent his next dunk will be performed on. On Friday (Aussie time), Jawai will find out the hand that he has been dealt via the 2008 NBA Draft.

Where Jawai falls right now, know one really knows. Some experts say first round, while others say second round to nothing.

If Jawai becomes a first round pick, well Australia will lay claim to having at least two players (read David Andersen below) in the NBA next season. Being picked in the first round guarantees Jawai a contract for a few years in the NBA. And the money ain't too bad either.

Slipping to the second round will create a cloudy picture for the Bamaga born giant. Depending on what team drafts him will determine where he plays. A team may draft him with the thought of him making their roster while another team may wish to send him overseas to monitor his progress for the future.

Brad Newley is a great example of this. The Houston Rockets drafted him last year and wanted him to continue his development in a tougher European environment. The Rockets touched base with Newley several times during the season, so it not out of sight, out of mind. (If you did not know, Newley had a good year in Greece.)

If Nate does not make an NBA roster this year, Europe would be an ideal situation for him to continue to grow as a player. He will become more NBA ready playing in Europe than he will in the NBL.

Our style of play in the NBL would stagnate his individual progress. He needs to be playing against bigger and stronger athletes on a nightly bases so he can improve. Europe offers this and Jawai would improve immediately in this environment.

David Andersen is the measuring stick for this philosophy. He left our shores as a raw 19 year old, now he has the basketball world at his feet. (read below for more on him.)

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David Andersen seems to have security with options. What a situation to be in?

Over the weekend Andersen signed a three year deal with Barcelona while still looking at the possibility of playing in the NBA.

Although Andersen is leaving the European Champions CSKA Moscow, he joins another power in Barcelona. His three year deal with the Spanish club would not be for peanuts and Andersen hints at this. His asking price to join the NBA? A cool $5 million per season.

Players these days are prepared to forgo the prestige of the NBA for a lucrative deal in Europe. If $5 million is his NBA asking price, you know that his deal in Europe is going to be worth every cent of that.

Time will tell if the Atlanta Hawks believe that Andersen is worth that type of money. A huge Olympics by Andersen will not hurt his chances of joining the re surging Hawks.

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