Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tough Decisions Ahead For Goorjian

David Barlow led the Aussies with 19pts last night against Iran.

Last night saw the Australian Boomers take out an easy but scrappy 87-68 victory over the Iran National Team.

With twenty guys still in contention for the Beijing Olympic Team I can see the final team selection process only getting harder for coach Brian Goorjian.

As I have talked about in a previous blog Goorjian would have about 10 guys already earmarked for final section. By still having such a large squad during these games Goorjian is giving someone the opportunity to make his final selection a tough one. One that could have been avoided in my opinion.

Lets take Shawn Redage for example. I'm guessing that on Goorjian's final team list that he has pictured in his mind, Redage would miss out. Redage plays at the four spot, deepest position on the team.

He is not beating out Matt Nielsen, David Andersen or Mark Worthington. Sure, Goorj may rub his melon for a little while over the Worthington/Redage decision but he will take Worthington at the end of the day.

So back to my point, by playing Redage is this series Goorjian maybe creating himself some headaches that could have been avoided.

Redage is the type of player that is going to make the most of the opportunities that come his way. He proved this last night with a solid 13 points which included a perfect 3 from 3 from "down town". One area I think Redage will struggle with is finishing around the basket against the bigger European teams, and he showed a little of this last night.

If Shawn continues to play well over the next few games Goorjian paints himself into a corner as far a team selection goes.

I'd have a squad of 15 guys right now just so you have a few numbers at practice plus you can cover for the absent Andrew Bogut, David Andersen and Nathan Jawai.

Game 2 is on Wednesday in Adelaide. Goorj was suppose to make some more cuts after the game last night. If he hasn't look for someone else to make the most of the opportunity given to them creating more unnecessary headaches.

Side Note: Theses are the players I feel are just waiting for Goorj to tap them on the shoulder: AJ Ogilvy, Damien Ryan, James Harvey, Russell Hinder, Wade Helliwell.
Guys that will be kept to the end but fall short: Darnell Mee, Shawn Redage, Joe Ingles.

Time will tell if I'm close to the mark!

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