Sunday, August 19, 2007


After another solid week in footy tipping, currently 11/15 in NRL/AFL combo comp, I'm looking forward to this week to really get my sporting juices flowing. It is less than 24 hours until the Australian Boomers take on the New Zealand Tall Blacks to see who qualifies for the 2008 Olympics Games. This series is huge for the sport of basketball in this country. We lose, the sport may well fade from its professional ranks that we enjoy at this present time. (If you haven't read my previous entries I have tipped the Boomers in a 3-0 sweep.)

I believe not qualifying for the 2008 Games sucks the life out of the sport as we know and enjoy it for today. I saying this, I look at this series and say it is harder qualifying than actually playing at the Olympics. Once you are there, you can just let you balls hang out and play. If the team is in a good flow and rhythm for those two weeks, anything is possible.

I watched Italy claim silver at the 2004 Games, and they just road a great wave of momentum they enjoyed at that time.

Australia could be that team in 2008, but we have to get their first. The Kiwis have been a tough outfit over the past 5 years, but observing from the outside I believe they may have lost their mojo. They have a new coach, so will the same team play as hard for a different guy? Time will tell.

Don't forget you can catch these games live on Fox Sports 2 at 7.30pm.

On the Crocs front, we tackle the Townsville Heat ABA team on Friday night. It is always good to start playing games no matter who the opposition is. Just getting back to running up and down the court is a great feeling.

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