Thursday, August 23, 2007


Different Uniforms Anybody

Bring Back The Biff!

Some NBA teams are flirting or have taken the plunge of talking veterans out of retirement. Since so many fads start in the NBA, I thought I would come up with a few of my own scenarios if some veteran NBL players came out of retirement.

First comparison is Andrew Gaze to Reggie Miller. Both players have only known one jersey. The talk around the NBA circles is Miller is working out and thinking of a possible comeback. To see him in another uniform would be devastating, especially if it become Knick blue.

If the thought ever entered Gaze's head, my money is on the Adelaide 36ers. If anyone could talk Gaze out of retirement, it would be his old backcourt partner from way back, Phil "The General" Smythe. Adelaide fans would be in shock for a minute, but then realize they are getting back at the Tigers for taking Mark Bradtke away all those years ago.

Charles Oakley is talking about how he can come back at age 43 and contribute in many ways in helping a team win a championship. First person that springs to mind is my old teammate Bruce Bolden. I can see this unfolding like this. Bolden was sitting around his house (in a safari suite) giving himself a new fresh high, high cut fade haircut when he heard Oakley's comments. He said to himself, "yeah that's right Charles, a Brotha can still show these young bucks a lesson or two." I know Bolden is in a gym somewhere dropping fifteen footers from the high post.

Next we have Penny Hardaway. Ravaged by injury over the past seven years, Penny has been signed by the Miami Heat. Hardaway was an elite player in the NBA before injury virtually slowed him. I'm sure the Heat are hoping he can contribute just a small percentage of what he once did.

My comparison is Steve "Mr Magic" Carfino. After years of rest Carfino should be healed of his injuries and ready to help some team with his veteran savvy at the point. I could see Mr Magic returning in a Hawks uniform.

The biggest similarity with these guys has to be their sidekicks though. Once Penny starts to get some games under his belt, Lil Penny will have to reappear. With Carfino making a comeback this would mean his sparring partner, John Casey, would have to come out of the commentary booth to see if he could get one of his party tricks to tumble with a user friendly roll. We all know he is long over due with his none preferred left hand.

Look out for these press conferences in the next few weeks regarding comebacks:

Oliver Miller/Scott Ninnis

Chris Dudley/Paul Rees

Pheonix Gorilla/Rupert Sapwell


Anonymous said...

you are spot on about the brotha,

Anonymous said...

Have you been simponsonized and when might we see this fine piece of work on your blogspot? Graham - Billabong Caravan Park

Matt said...

Cal Bruton made a coaching comeback with the Razorbacks last year. After seeing him play at a Ricky Grace testimonial last year it would be funny to see him suit up again for someone like the Slingers :)

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance that your assistant coach will make a comeback to the NBL

JR said...


I'm sure some team just has to ask "The Black Pearl" and he will be there. Confidence he is not lacking, but it would be good to see him and CJ go at it one time.

JR said...


Your mail is very good. Assistant coach Lyndon Brieffies has been practicing with us when we need a body. All said and done though, his best job is driving the 22 seater when we are on our road trips and ordering pumpkin soup.