Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The final score was 93-67 to the Boomers, but the Kiwis were actually leading (1 point) at half time. It was great to see the Aussie team dominate, but the New Zealand squad showed absolutely nothing in the second half. Whatever the Boomers wanted to do, they did. Darnell Mee posted up Mark "no spark" Dickel numerous times. How about sending a double team! Then Patrick Mills (see left) replaces him and it becomes a lay up drill.

It was so bad that Kiwi commentator Jeff Green had nothing to say. Good or bad, Green usually has something to tell us.

All the Boomers played well, but if you couldn't in this game your international career is going nowhere fast. Before everyone jumps all over me, yes, it was good to see Brad Newley get out in the open court in the second half. He needs to develop ways to get himself involved through like hustle plays, instead of trying the "home run " play from the minute he hit's the court. This will come though.

The game was just a good old fashion ass kicking so there is no need for me to ramble on about it. I have been trying to chase up a box score, so as soon as I have it, it will be posted. Leading scorers were: Mills 17 and MacKinnon 16 for the Boomers, while Kirk Penney had 21 and Pero Cameron with 15 for the Kiwis.


Game 3 is Friday in Bris Vegas. I believe the first quarter will be intense, but providing the Boomers can match this early attempt, the Kiwis will shut up shop and the Boomers will get a well deserved 3-0 scoreline.

My Observations From Around The Game:

- I know I'm no fashion guru, but can somebody tell me what hair style that is called that my main man Newley is sporting.

- Comparisons are already starting with Patrick Mills. A name that comes to my mind is former SE Melbourne Magic import Adonis Jordan.

- At the end of the game when Shane Heal was interviewing Sam MacKinnon, was anybody else hoping they would finish off their little skirmish they started during the NBL last season.


Anonymous said...

If you consider yourself one of the tough guys of the NBL, how is it that you ride a bicycle with a kids seat on the back of it and a helmet that is made out of paper machee? - Graham, Billabong Caravan Park

Snoop Wogg said...

Now that the Kiwis are dusted, looking towards Beijing and getting all our studs back - Bogut, Neilson, etc - our biggest weakness is shooting guard. Could be a few open shots for someone (anyone?!?!) that can shoot with CJ and Mills penetrating. Obviously you don't want to pick splinters outta your butt again, but do you see anyone on the horizon who can fill it up consistantly from deep? Will Newley reach his potential or are we faced with J Smith playing great D and laying bricks?

JR said...


I'd like to hear from you regarding the "tough guy" comment. Probably not words I would use to describe myself.

As for the bike, it gets me to and from practice and if assistant coach Rohan Short ever needs a ride, he slips into the child's seat very comfortably. And the helmet is the law!

JR said...

Snoop Wogg:

Having qualified for Beijing that is the best thing would could have done to date. As for the team, we really have to wait until the Games are a little closer. It is always good to speculate over the make up of the team, but so much can happen between now and then. Injuries and other issues can occur at any time.

As for picking splinters out. I'm there. It is the Olympics. I might just pack some tweezers this time!

Anonymous said...

Oh. and by the way any chance JR you have seen my dog? - Graham, Billabong Caravan Park

Anonymous said...

Hate people that call there wives that name....unless they chase bikes !!!!

Dodge Taylor said...

No need at all to comment on Newley in game 2, he was awful! Other than the breakaway dunk and the triple he hit in the corner (which he actually dribbled off his foot and was lucky to get the ball back again from a teammate) everything else he did was terrible. He looked out of sync and nervous ... perhaps thinking there were scouts watching or something.

Good call on the Adonis Jordan comparison for Mills, I thought Tyus Edney was also quite similar in height and game.

Dodge Taylor
Brisbane Bullets