Sunday, August 26, 2007


Here is a boxscore from the eyesore that was Game 3 of the Boomers vs Tall Blacks series. This game was a great reason why dead rubbers should not be played.

Congratulations to both the men of Cairns and the women of Townsville who took out their respective titles over the weekend in the ABA competition. Boxscores from both games provided below.



Just getting away from hoops for a minute, I have a website for all Simpson fans to check out. I have been honoured or a victim of this, thanks to our local paper, The Townsville Bulletin. The paper "Simpsonized" some people from around town, and I was lucky enough to get a run. Maybe you want to see yourself in this light or get payback on someone in the office. I'm sure you will have some fun.

This was also great to see over the weekend.;_ylt=Av3gVQnZ2be21Tkwd8AbGJ68vLYF?slug=ap-millerscomeback&prov=ap&type=lgns Reggie Miller has decided to stay retired. Although I have yet to have to worry about considering this, I believe Reggie did the right thing. You know when your time is up, and I'm sure Reggie played a lot of mind games with himself to try and convince himself that he could still get it done. I am purely speculating here, but to get yourself back to the right frame of mind would be quite hard to do. At the elite level, it is more mental than physical. After being on the shelf for a few years, I could only imagine the convincing you would have to do to yourself. Great decision Reggie. That is why is he clutch!

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