Saturday, August 25, 2007


The Crocs had their first hit out last night. The opposition came in the form of our local ABA team, the Townsville Heat. The final score read 115-111 to the Crocs. Before everyone starts asking what happened, coach Trevor Gleeson was feeling very generous and spotted the Heat 10 points per quarter.

Rosell Ellis had his first introduction to Grant Kruger and he is glad we have a rest day today. Let me tell you folks, "Krugs" still plays the same way, but is very effective at the ABA level.

For us Rosell and Mick Cedar paced the scoring with 24 a piece. My photographic memory is eluding me right now, but there were a few of us others in double figures with scoring.

As far as I'm concerned it was just good for the team to get out on the floor and get up and down in a game situation. We all need to get a feel for each others tendencies, but I'm tipping Trevor will have a few things to say after watching the tape of the game.

Next week we head up to Cairns to play in the Queensland Cup tournament. This should give us a better indication as to where we are at. Cairns, Brisbane and Gold Coast will provide the opposition. I can't wait as this means we are getting that much closer to tip off, September 19.


Anonymous said...

It was a very very ugly game. Not sure about Galen at this stage, I hope that being CBA player of the year does actually count for something. Roe looked in great shape and very sharp at the races on Saturday.

Dodge Taylor said...

Please tell me Michael Cedar is going to see some more court time this season?? I remember seeing him carve up the Bullets in a preseason game a few years back and looks good every time I see him get a couple of minutes.

Dodge Taylor
Brisbane Bullets

Anonymous said...

JR. Decided to pull myself out of the van and duck around the corner to see the game v Heat. Are you OK? That roller door came out of nowhere.
Bruce - Billabong Sanctuary
PS - Why delete my posts?

JR said...


You are right, it was very ugly. I think we will be better for it though. We will find out this week when we head to Cairns and play against three quality NBL teams.

JR said...


Your right about Cedar. He can carve them up in an instant. Mick is going to have great opportunity right now as Brad Sheridan is out with a dodgy back. So far he is making the most of his opportunity. We play your beloved Bullets this Wednesday. looking forward to this to see were we are as a team.

JR said...


Sorry about your posts, but I delete nothing. Maybe your wireless connection went down somewhere between the Billabong and Swamp. As for the door, it is ok and I just shrugged it off. Nothing to worry about here, MATE!