Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Basketball is what we get paid to do, but there are a few other commitments that happen at this time of the year. Promotions and school clinics are always a requirement for players to fulfill, but tomorrow the Crocs get to do something no other team in the league would get to do.

After I go to practice and win a few scrimmages and work on my trash talking skills (I'm trying to get Galen to come out of his shell, but he has not taken the bait yet!), we go and have a photo shoot at Maccas for a tray mat. That's right folks, the people of Townsville get lucky and get the team to sit with them every time they dine in.

Even better, when I take my own kids to Maccas and they comment on how I'm on the tray mat. Why is it kids find a new volume anytime they need to draw attention to something that is not necessary?

This does become quite a collectors item for all Mum's of the players. Somehow parents see this and think their kids have made the big time. How wrong they are, but you have to love a parents attitude about their kids.

- Don't forget Game 2 of the Boomers/Kiwis series is on Wednesday night and can be viewed on Fox Sports.

- For anyone interested in what is happening with the USA team, here is an article about their team that starts their qualify for the Olympics in the next few days. I will be interested to see if they continue their undefeated streak at the Tournament of Americas.

Here is a little info about the Americas tourney.


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Anonymous said...

keep it up champ,hope all is well up north. Benny A

JR said...

Benny A:

Get on those Parra Eels. They could probably use you in the back row right now. Hope all is well in the land of the Hills (God's Country).

Darren said...

Well at least that's one way for people to turn off Maccas.............