Thursday, August 16, 2007


If all reports from the Adelaide Advertiser to European websites are correct, this may the be closest 36ers fans will ever get to seeing Brad Newley play in his home town of Adelaide. It has been reported that Newley will take up a deal in Greece this coming season.

If these reports are true, I'm happy for Brad because if he truly wants to give the NBA a real shake, he needs to play in a different environment. Europe will provide a stronger launching pad to the NBA and improving his game. Newley's strength is his ability to slash and finish on the break. Barring injury he could enjoy a 10-15 year career here in Australia and live happily ever after. BUT, if he wants to test himself and get better, sometimes you have to get a little uncomfortable

By going to Europe he will do nothing but get better in other areas of his game, and ultimately prepare himself for a better shot at making the "SHOW", NBA.

I wish him all the best in his adventure and hope to see him in the NBA in the near future.

I know there will some very disappointed Sixer fans out there, but who wouldn't want to live in the moment. You never know when that time will be taken away from you.

Just a side note on the Newley family. Brad's sister Mia just picked up the award for best three point percentage at the world under 19 championship. Not too much passing going on at their family gatherings!


Anonymous said...

good! go... he cost the crocs more games than he won for them... good bye, good luck!

JR said...


Think you are just being a little harsh on Brad. It will be great to follow his adventure playing in Europe and hopefully allow him to pursue his NBA dream.

Anonymous said...

Whenever the Croc's really really needed Noodles where did he go?????

He features in Michael Moores new movie called Sooko