Sunday, February 3, 2008

What a Finish We Have!

After tonight's game, Blaze vs 36ers, there is a log jam from 4th thru 7th. All four teams are on identical records, 15-12. (And no Taipans fans, I'm not leaving you out.) 8th placed Cairns sits at 14-12, so they are not out of the race for fourth yet either.

I can only speak for the Crocs, but we control our own destiny, provided the Wildcats lose one for us. Over the remaining two weeks we have the Bullets and Blaze at home, with our regular season finishing in Cairns.

If we manage to win all three and Perth does the same we end up in 5th spot because Perth (4th) had a bigger win on their home court, so they get the 1-1 split over us.

Breakers can continue to win as much as they like because we have the split on them. Very much the same scenario as how Perth got the split on us.

If Perth, New Zealand and us all end up the same, I have know idea who gets the higher seed. I will take and educated guess and say this does not happen.

With only two rounds remaining and many of the seedings still undecided, it would be a good chance for the NBL to promote the league and the importance of these games going down the stretch. The players could do their part and produce some ripsnorters on Fox. Hopefully the Crocs and the Bullets do their part this Saturday night.

It's hard too believe the playoffs will be under way in 16 days, but between now and then, there will be some fireworks worth catching at the games. Hope to you at the SWAMP!

Just on another note, Julius Hodge recorded a triple double for the 36ers in their game against Brisbane over the weekend. My congrats to Julius, but it has been published in media outlets/forums etc that Rob Rose was the last 36er to manage this acheivement. My sources believe that this stat is in fact incorrect. Can anybody help with setting these people's knowledge straight?

NBL Boxscores:
tigers v bullets slingers v dragons kings v hawks pigs v crocs breakers v wildcats hawks v tigers
taipans v blaze 36ers v bullets wildcats v kings dragons v breakers blaze v 36ers

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DJ Rod said...

it wasn't a white bald guy by any chance was it?

JR said...

DJ Rod:

I believe it was a good looking bloke. Sometime in 1997 against the Giants..North Melbourne that is!

DJ Rod said...

i actually have some memory of that! gimme some props for my memory!!!

Anonymous said...

get off your own tip rillie. is there any truth to the rumour you are soft-cocking against the bullets this week and missing your first game since 1908?

JR said...


Don't you have better things to do at 1.30pm (like scouting the Bullets) than ask misleading questions like this.

Ryan711 said...

Jr who u got ur boys Gonzaga or St. Mary's?its on espn Feb 6 2am & 8pm or watch it here live

Anonymous said...

Rillie any chance we may see you only dunk with your right arm this week.

Anonymous said...

Bad luck to those poofters from Spokane today. Need some Aussie blood in that red kneck program. Get someone in there who has some ticker in the clutch.

junior jr said...

Dear Dad,

Who tells the team what to do when you sub off?

JR said...

All Concerned about the Zags:

I have not seen the game yet, but have seen the boxscore. Must have been a hell of a game as it was tight all the way.

As for who should get the ball down the stretch, I'm sure Pargo will make the right decision most times.

We will see what happens in spokane on the returm leg, followed by the WCC Tourney and the NCAA'S!

JR said...

Junior JR:

When I sub off all hell breaks lose. Just kidding. Kelvin/Corey or Galon usually speak up.