Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Is It Consistant?

Last week the NBL had its hands full simply passing out suspensions and fines. I think you would be hard pressed to find someone that didn’t believe that all of the incidents that came into question were worthy of punishment.

The real question is, “Did the ‘powers that be’ get it right when you look at the sentencing? It is my opinion that most involved got let off lightly, with the exception of one future Hall of Famer, who got a very raw deal.

So let’s start off with none other than Adelaide 36er Lanard Copeland, who faced a charge of “Adopting a Threatening Attitude to an Offical”. In the brief footage I saw, I will agree that Copeland deserved the early exit.

I would have been less surprised if Copes had received a monetary fine, just as Coach Trevor Gleeson had only weeks before when facing similar charges. The verdict left his wallet $1500 lighter in that case.

On top of that, you should have to take into account that fact that in a long 18 year career Copeland has avoided the judiciary completely. All things weighed up, the one game suspension that ensued was a little too steep for my liking.

The next case involved the King’s Russell Hinder and West Sydney’s Clint Reed who were faced off against each other in a little stoush. Their charge was “Fighting”. Both were found guilty and were fined $600 and $850, respectively.

Again comparing the outcome with that of Copeland’s, I have a hard time getting my mind around the concept that, a player misses a game for arguing, but only misses out on a little cash if he lays his hands on someone? Hmmm,…

I may just have to rethink some of my personal philosophies. I would like to think I would lean toward being more of a lover than fighter. But hey, I might just have to move with the times.

The other really interesting outcome of last week was the $20,000 fine handed to the Perth Wildcats as a result of carrying too many contracted players on their roster during a portion of the season.

I will admit that I do not have a copy of the NBL’s rules and regulations at my fingertips, but from what I understand of the matter, the Wildcats played outside the rules.

The 20K fine may seem like a lot of money to fine a team that probably just tried to bend the rules a little. I just feel like it cannot be proven that the games they won during that time were not as a result of having one extra player on their roster and thus, those games should be taken from their win column.

Perth is currently positioned in fourth right now and have the possibility of moving up to third before the end of the regular season. This can equate to more home finals in the playoffs, which equals to greater revenue for the club. All of a sudden that $20K means very little.

In our business, the bottom line is all about the wins and loses. Just ask the Bulldogs and Warriors teams if they would have preferred to pay a fine or lose competition points when the NRL found them guilty of playing outside the rules.

I know my opinion on these proceedings amounts to very little and will be lining the birdcage sooner than I would care to admit. I just know I am not the only person that notices these inconsistencies and maybe if we just keep squawking a little about them from time to time someone who makes the decisions will take a second glance.

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Anonymous said...

Is it true that one of your players propositioned a lady in a wheelchair at the hotel last night?

Anonymous said...

Rillie - way to soldier on last night. It was a courageous performance! Please come back to the Razorbacks

djrod said...

how's the shoulder?

JR said...

Anony 1:

I have no idea about anyone propositioning anyone else. I was snug, as a bug in a rug...early!

JR said...

Anony 2:

Soldier may be giving too much credit. As for returning to the Pigs, that will not happen as my family and myself are very happy in the Ville.

JR said...


Many would be out for months. I will be there against the Bullets.

DJ Rod said...

gee your tuff eh!