Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Perfect NBL Player

If I was able to built the best Australian player possible in the NBL, this is how I would go about constructing this unstoppable player.

Lets start this player with raw power and athleticism. No one does this better than Rookie Nathan Jawai so this is a good foundation to start with. To compliment what Jawai gives, I will add Stephen Hoare's nose for the ball. "Sneaky" always seems to find the loose ball or tip it to a teammate.

Now this player needs to have some vision and understanding for the game. This is where Brett Maher comes into the equation. Has shown that he is the best Australian player to demonstrate this over the last decade. He just does not have the running mates he once did so his assist stats reflect this.

Being it is my player, he needs some range capable of opening a game wide open. So enter...let me got it, number 31..JR.

You have to have a mentality for taking over games so sprinkle a little of CJ Bruton over this player. Over the past few years, no one has come up with the key baskets like CJ.

How do I fit a little of last years MVP, Sam MacKinnon, into this mix. I will add him for defensive purposes. When not hindered by dickey knees Sammy can guard all positions on the floor.

This player needs to be able to create a double team in the low post, so Chris Anstey will get the call up here. You have to respect his scoring ability down there, but he can also make the pass out of there when necessary.

The only thing I see lacking now is end to end speed. Luke Martin gets the nod here. Having been a former teammate I have seen him on a daily bases. I'm confident to say he would beat myself, Maher and CJ in a foot race.

There you have it. The complete player for the NBL to look out for. I just wonder if Eddie has enough money to keep this guy in Australia before he bolts elsewhere.


Mark Jackson said...

Nice JR but you're missing a few vitals like:

the charming, good looks of Ben Pepper

the Adonis-esque physique of Tony Ronaldson

the unmatched bball IQ of Pero Vasiljevic

JR said...

Mark Jackson:

Maybe the shimmy of yourself should be added as well. All very valid points.

Anonymous said...

the ability to play until their 103 years old would'nt hurt either ala D-Mac

Anonymous said...

wouldn't you want the range of the best in the business in your complete players? Troy DeVries or Kirk Penny surely have to get the nod there....

JR said...


If you happened to have read a little closer you will see that I said I was making my player from only Australian content!