Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Who is the MVP?

With my sulking offically over from our bad loss to the Blaze, I'm back in the saddle ready to throw my two cents in on the MVP debate.

It has offically become a two horse race in my view. Tigers Chris Anstey and Bullets Ebi Ere. Sure others will poll well, Redage and Ballinger, but Anstey and Ere deserve the publicity this race is beginning to generate. It will be a nailbiter because everyone has their opionion, one way or the other. Could there be joint MVP's? That would mean two Hummers though.

In my mind there is only one MVP, and unless he stops playing there is no reason he should not be crowned MVP. I call for Mr Chris Anstey. I'm sure people are going to say I'm bias towards a fellow Aussie, but trust me, Anstey still owes me money from a bet we had years ago. If anything, that costs him points in my view. Sorry I got sidetracked there, on with the show.

My theory for the award is quite simple. Anstey makes the Tigers an upper echoleon team. If he is out, they come back to the pack and join the rest of us at around .500.

You take Ere out of the Bullets and they remain a top level team. This has been proven with the abscence of last year's MVP, Sam MacKinnon. Slammin Sam has missed a lot of this year due to injury (and business opportunities. Can anyone tell me how Crust Pizza is tasting, and if they have seen Sam working the counter?), but the Bullets jugganaut has keep ticking over. They have players that can step up their producivity when they get their number called. All teams do not have that luxury.

I did like how coach Joey Wright came out and said that Anstey should dominate as there is a lack of depth in the big man department. While Ebi on the otherhand goes up against quality guards every night in the guard dominate NBL.

I understand where he is coming from and he is only trying to hype up his guy (and his coaching ability), but Anstey has done some things the league has not seen for a long time.

Anstey has had several (3 or 4, I need Mark Slocombe) 20-20 games this year. Just off the top of your head, tell me the last guy to have 1 in a season, let alone multiple. You really have to think about that, and cast your mind back to the 90's.

Now do not misunderstand me, Ebi is on fire and putting up some ridiculous numbers, but if the league is so lacking in big men, why hasn't former MVP Paul Rogers reached this 20-20 milestone, or young rookie sensation Nathan Jawai given it a nudge.

Enough of the stats as I believe numbers only make up some of the story in an MVP race. This is why the big man from the Tigers should be crowned the MVP. If he is not in their line up, they become a middle of the pack team.

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