Friday, January 11, 2008

Get Your NBA All Star Ballot In

Time is running out to vote for your favourite NBA player to be involved at NBA All Star Weekend. Some players are taking it upon themselves to get down to New Orleans. Check out Chris Bosh and how far he has gone to get your vote. He won me over will his stellar performance.

Since the NBA season is well under way, here are my starting lineups for the East and West.

Jason Kidd: Producing three triple doubles in succession, this game is made for him.
Paul Pierce: Finally getting some praise for his skill because he is on a winning team.
LeBron: Nothing needs to be said.
KG: Has Boston thinking they have a chance.
Bogut: 1st Aussie to represent us in this game. What an honour that would be! (Dwight Howard, honourable mention)

Steve Nash: Him and Kidd could battle to see who is the last one to shoot in an All Star game.
Kobe: Most complete player getting around.
Brandon Roy: He has the city of Portland and Bill Walton excited again.
Boozer: Is a beast every night, so you have to reward his effort.
Duncan: Boring, but gets the job done. He is the "Big Fundamental".

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