Monday, January 28, 2008

All Time Hawks Team

The fate of the Wollongong Hawks is coming soon. One of only two inaugural teams remaining (Brisbane is the other.), it is going to be interesting to see which way this goes.

So, I have dug into my collection of the now defunct "Media Guide" and come up with my All Time Hawks Team. The only rule I have is there can only be two imports.

PG: Gordie McLeod gets the nod here. The Hawks have had some impressive PG'S thru the Gong (Mee, Bruton, Hayes, LaFleur, Overton, Hubbard), but there have only been two guys to average better than 10 assists in a season in NBL history, and McLeod is one (1985), DMac the other ('95, '96).

SG: Matt Campbell fills the other backcourt spot. He has had a lock on this spot for the past decade so not too many people have had a go. He is truly a great clubperson off the floor, while on it, he keeps his opposition honest every night. (others: Corkeron, Johnson)

SF: Glen Saville is a lock here. Very similar to Campbell in the fact no one has had the spot longer. Saville went there as a young punter from the AIS and was rewarded in 2004 for his hard work. He has become a fixture in the Boomers line up. (others: Timmons, Fairs)

PF: Melvin Thomas over Norman Taylor. Thomas always got the job done no matter what type of shape he looked in. Over his career his jumper improved, so together with his low post game, this leftie was a handful every night. Norm Taylor was a cult hero in my household growing up, all due to the size of my brother's rear end. (others: Taylor, Ritter, Bickett)

C: Chuck Harmison fills the other import spot. He would have brought a little style to this squad, especially with those headbands he "sported". This was a tough decision as Borner was a league MVP, but I just feel those other guys cannot be left of this squad. Plus Big Ray Ray once called me John Riley. (others: Todd Mundt, Theron Wilson....hehe)

I have to apologise to Michael Jones and Jim Slacke as my knowledge of your games is limited to nil, but your stats are impressive.

I cannot wait to hear from some Hawks fans as I'm sure I have left of some "Super Stars".

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