Monday, February 18, 2008

NBA All Star Weekend

Sunday was spent on the couch checking out the festivities of the NBA All Star weekend. "All Star Saturday" is traditionally the day for dunks and long range shooting, but over the years many fans , myself included, have become a little stale with these competitions. So, as I nestled into my Laz-E-Boy I was hoping I would not be left disappointed again.

Well, what can I say after some quality time spent on the couch. I'm back as a fan of "All Star Saturday". Deron williams set a new record for the skills course, while Jason Kapono equalled the all time score in the three point shootout. Daniel Gibson could not quite complete the double of three point champion and sophomore/rookie game MVP. He went a straggering 11/18 from down town in that game to capture the MVP honours.

The pinnicale came during the slam dunk contest (check it out on you tube to the left). Dwight Howard just flat out put on a show. Obviously he had put some thought into it, with maybe a little help from some teammates.

My hat goes off to Howard as I believe he has re-energized this event with his creativity. (Not since Jordan and Dominque went at it in '88 have I been so excited over a dunk comp) The dunk he pulls off while dressed in a "superman" cape is one that people will talk about forever.

You have to hand it to David Stern and the NBA, there timing is great as far as producing something worthwhile when necessary.

On another note, photographer and massive Taipans fan Mr Gordon G was all over me like a cheap suite the other night. "Why haven't you plugged my happy snaps on here", he asked. Well here it is! If you have not seen his work, check it out here.

You will be able to find a picture of your favourite player somewhere amongst all the photos, even if there are Taipans fans in the background. If you like one, just get in touch with him and he is more than happy to help you out! Maybe contact him before a game and request that special shot of your favourite player.


DJ Rod said...

The birthday cake dunk was unbelieveable but Howard was AWESOME.

Itsn't it funny how freethrow line dunks and windmills are just 'ho hum' now???

Isaac said...

Pssst, Gordon G, not Gorgon!

John Rillie said...

Thanks Isaac..has been fixed.