Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dragons Roster For 2008

Speculation is definately building over the vacant South Dragons coaching job. The suspects in line for the job are Brain Goorjian, Ian Stacker, Guy Molloy and Brett Brown is a smokey if you can believe Sam MacKinnon.

Stacker and Molloy have both shown that they can build a franchise from the ground up. Stacker turned the Crocs into a regular playoff team, with 2001 being the highlight when they reached the Finals.

Molloy took over a struggling Cairns franchise (2 wins) and lead them to their first ever playoff appearance only to be bundled out by a very good West Sydney team.

Goorjian has amassed the best basketball coaching resume this country has seen, so if Mark Cowan and Co can pry "Goorj" away from his last year in Sydney...I can see this being a perfect fit for both parties.

I come to this conclusion because, Melbourne is the home of basketball, so Goorj belongs there. He can spark up a new rivalry with good friend Al Westover and the cross town Tigers. Championship winning teams in Sydney did not help the sport, so lets give Melbourne a crack at reviving the sport with big corporate dollars and free to air TV.

Another point that will make this job intriguing to Goorj, the cupbaord is not exactly bare in Dragonland. With young talent like Joe Ingles and Jacob Holmes you have some pieces in place, add a healthy Matt Burston and you will have Brian rubbing his melon with excitement.

A quick look through the free agent list and Goorj will be happy to know he can bring a few of his troops with him. I'm speaking of Kendall, Smith and MVP candidate Mark Worthington. If history repeats itself, Goorj always travels with some current players, they need to help him impliment his "culture".

Throw in a few Seppos (Americans) and this all of a sudden becomes an attactive franchise for Goorjian to put his trademarks all over.

I know time will tell, but I will look back at this posting in six months and see how close to the mark I am. I believe the results will be a little more accurate than my weekend's work of one for six from downtown!

Boxscores from round 21:

cats v pigs dragons v taipans breakers v tigers hawks v bullets

blaze v kings crocs v bullets tigers v dragons pigs v hawks

kings v slingers 36ers v taipans ladder


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Anonymous said...

Jaren Rillie to the Dragons in a trade for Shanahan, Martin, Ingles and Holmes.