Friday, February 22, 2008

We Have Arrived

We have successfully made it over to Perth unscathed and ready to go. With a quick delay in Brisbane it was back on the plane and across the Nullabour into Wildcat territory.

Once we touched down it was off to our hotel for a little dinner followed by taking in the second half of the Taipans and Breakers game. It is always a good feeling watching that game when you have had a win the night before.

Many Townsville fans were happy to see the Taipans knocked out. Sure I see their point, but they are on the opposite side of the draw, so it did not really matter to me who won. It would be good though to be involved in a Far North Finals series one day.

There is no doubt we are expecting a hostile reception tonight from the fans at the “Jungle”, but if we play smart and mistake free that could be enough to silence them.

Composure will be a huge key in this contest. Yes, we have to play well for all 48 minutes, but it will be how we handle the peaks and valleys of the game.

Well, it is time for me to head to shoot around and start to get ready for the day ahead. I just hope when I blog again I will be still involved in the playoffs.


Anonymous said...

The Cage? Why are you playing against Perth in Melbourne? I thought you were playing them at the Jungle?

John Rillie said...

Yes, I have fixed it up! Thanks.

DJ Rod said...

Go Crocs
Please win so we can have one more performance from the Green Machine at home against the Queens

Anonymous said...

unlucky about the loss jr

homocide tried to take over, he needed to give u the rock more

Anonymous said...

Homocide is all flash. You could tell last night that he was going to try and take over. If he alone has a big one, Crocs are going to lose.

Unlucky, JR. You still bloggin all year?

John Rillie said...

Hi Everyone:

It was a disappointing way to lose. I, myself cannot dwell on what happened the other night. We cannot bring back that game, so I am already thinking about how I can be better for the Crocs next year.

Bring on season 08/09!