Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Little of Everything

Was it him or me?

Over the weekend it was reported, thru many media outlets (here is one), that Julius Hodge has posted the first triple double for Adelaide since Rob Rose managed the feat in 1994. It got me thinking and reliving good times and then it came to me.

On the night of July 5th 1997 a bald meloned guy by the name of John Rillie passed (10), rebounded (10) and scored (19) his way to his first career triple double against the North Melbourne Giants at the Powerhouse. My math says that was 11 years ago and I never remember Rob sporting the bald look.

All apologises can be sent to the comments section on this blog or via e-mail!

Now that I have that off my chest, Bob Knight has retired. After amassing 902 wins in college basketball, press conferences will never be the same.

Knight will be remembered more for his antics after the game instead of his three national titles he won at Indiana. After 42 years patrolling the sideline (Army, Indiana, Texas Tech), he has handed the reins over to his son, Pat.

Who knows what Knight will get up to now, fishing or hunting probably, but basketball has lost the best teacher of the motion offense. (I need to get one of his videos to show my sons and daughter!)

I guess when I first headed to the States to play college basketball, there was a small part of me hoping that someone like Bob Knight would send me a letter asking me to join their program. That is the type of aura Knight had. People called him asking to play. Instead I attended Gonzaga University and had a great time while I had to settle watching Knight and his Hoosiers on TV.

All I know is college basketball has lost one of the best ever coaches and press conferences will not be the same.

Talking of Gonzaga, they had a big conference game against Pat Mills and the 25th ranked St Mary's Gaels today. Gaels got the win in OT and Mills made the big plays down the stretch. He scored the last 10 points in regulation and five more in OT. (recap, boxscore)

I will give credit to St Mary's (Eric Cooks, Dan Kickett and EJ Rowland attended here), but I will like to see if my comments page lights up when they play the return leg in Spokane.

This has become quite a rivalry and will start to get some national media attention as both are pressing for top 25 spots. Why I make comment of this is, there are currently 3 Aussies on the Gaels roster, while they have another that will join the squad next year. This is great exposure and experience for kids from this country.

I look forward to hearing from you all when the Zags get payback!!!!!

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a little bit on the Gaels/Zags rivalry: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/print?id=3229724&type=story