Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ranga Nation

"Bevo" will be all smiles with this line up at his disposal!
With less than 24 hours until the deciding game of the 2009/10 NBL Championship season tips off, I'm hearing rumours that Perth Wildcats Coach Rob Beveridge has asked for a last minute roster change.

The league head office is considering the bizarre request as Beveridge has asked if he can exchange/trade his current players (besides one, more on this soon) for an All-Ranga look.

I have gone through the NBL archives and I think this is the best "red headed" roster that Beveridge could ask for.

PG: Little used Singapore Slinger via New Zealand Hayden Allen and West Sydney Razorback/Sydney King (development player) Tim Hudson will play rock, paper, scissors to see who starts against Martin & Martin. Newcastle local Marty McLean may get the call up if he still has his Breville maker in working order.

SG: No brainer here due to Mat Campbell suiting up for the opposition, the mad bomber himself Cameron Dickinson. "Dicko" was the third Australian born player to average 20 points in a NBL season. He will be given a sub by Adelaide championship winning guard and former NBL top dog Peter Ali.

SF: Sydney King turned king journo Tim Morrissey gets the nod here. If people think Galen Young gets under the nose of people, you need to watch some vintage Morrissey. His back up will be journeyman Craig 'Spider" Adams. Adams was more your four man but Beveridge needs an "X" factor and that is Adams' forte.

PF: We exchange one naturalised import for another. Out with captain Shawn Redhage and in with 36ers resident "ranga" Adam Ballinger. Backing up "Balls" will be Wollongong Hawks development player Gareth Dawson. Dawson has been released to play in his native Kiwiland comp but it has all been part of Bevridge's grand plan. (note: Import Young has tried to fit into the "Ranga" culture by wearing those bright red shoes, but in the end, they are just not cutting the mustard.)

C: Luke Schenscher has retained his spot on the roster, yes, because he is a natural red head. Giving Schenscher a breather will be a Western Australian legend and three time NBA champion, Luc Longley. (note: It will be strange not to see Longley sitting next to close friend and WA tough guy Andrew Vlahov and mega wealthy Wildcat owner Jack Bendat-like Beckham.)

I cannot wait for Game 3 to tip off. With this new look roster I'm sure "Bevo" will not sleep a wink tonight.


LachieGaff said...

Although it would have made your site almost too ugly to look at, why not include some photos of your All-Ranga Team.

mookie said...

I love the fact that Bevo even has a ranga assistant coach.

Dicko is a classic choice. Would Pat Reidy make the cut somewhere?

Morrissey surely is more of a blonde than Ranga though?

-- mookie